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Supply Chain Solutions

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U.S. FDA requires registered manufacturers to keep tight control over their approved vendor list (AVL).   Whether you outsource manufacturing or manufacture in-house; control over your supply base is paramount and need to be based on risk to the product, not just the risk of the supplier. 

Customers looking to develop next generation medical devices use our knowledge and relationships with qualified medical device component vendors to help reduce the risk of product development and short timelines to launch.  We maintain relationships with a global supply base coupled with component qualifications to assist our customers in meeting their production timelines and quality.

Our Supply Chain Model

Because of supply chain control, Phase 2 has developed a multiple models for working with our customers supply chain needs.  The majority of our relationships involve complete end-to-end management of the supply chain for our customers products.  While this allows us to be completely accountable for on-time delivery and quality of your device, there are situations where other supply chain models best serve our customers. 

We offer the opportunity for a mixed-model supply chain where some components are customer managed and provided and some components are managed by Phase 2.  We also offer a complete customer supplied inventory model for customers that have worked hard to develop their supply chain.



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