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  • Locations in Greater Boston & Tijuana, Mexico
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Fulfillment & Distribution

Phase 2 can provide fulfillment & distribution services for our assembly and packaging clients.  Our warehouse is controlled by our ISO 13485 certified quality management system, where we utilize our ERP system to provide real-time replenishment of components and products using highly sophisticated Kanban management systems.  

Whether your requirements are to ship to an individual healthcare facility or through distribution, our systems are designed to provide flexibility and fast turnaround of finished goods to your customers. We currently provide fulfillment services of both non-sterile and sterile finished medical devices to some of the largest medical device distributors in the United States.


Product Development & Manufacturing
88 Airport Drive
Rochester, NH 03867

Phone Number
+1 (603) 332-8900

Mexico Manufacturing
Andador Vecinal No. 14301
Tijuana, BC CP22330

Phone Number
+1 (664) 231-3844