Medical Device Designer & Contract Manufacturer of single use instruments and disposables

  • Locations in Rochester, NH & Tijuana, Mexico
  • +1 (603) 332-8900

Product Life Cycle Support

We help customers at each stage of the product life cycle from device innovation, to new product introduction, program transfers or end of life programs.

Product Life Cycle
  • Typically, our customers or their R&D partners lead concept development
  • Feasibility of design and drafts of foundational documents
  • Design and Development for DFX and early stage testing activities
  • Design V&V for satisfaction of FDA and validation data requirements
  • Process & Manufacturing Validation for introduction to manufacturing
  • Initial Market Launch is when we begin to leverage our Lean systems to make sure we're meeting cost, quality and delivery goals in advance of product launch
  • Growth & optimization is another opportunity for us to leverage our Lean systems as we convert into full-scale production. Our systems are dedicated to continuous improvement yielding better quality at a lower cost.


Product Development & US Manufacturing

88 Airport Drive
Rochester, NH 03867

+1 (603) 332-8900

Mexico Manufacturing

Andador Vecinal No 14301
Tijuana, BC CP22330

+1 (664) 231-3844